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What’s Included?

Wondering what you get in our professional essay writing services? Check out our essential features that we have added to our services to make your life simple, easier and your essays high-quality.

Finest Quality

We never compromise with quality and make sure that every word you receive in the essays is of the finest quality.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will make the changes you want us to and write exactly as per your instructions. You pay when you feel that we have done justice to your instructions and subject. Get the papers revised as many times as you like.

Fast Turnaround Time

We have numerous writers available to write your papers and we make sure that your deadlines are never missed. We understand that you may need time for editing and reading the paper too so we submit the paper to you at the earliest.

Friendly Support 24/7

You may have a billion of issues regarding your paper writing but we make sure that all of your doubts are cleared by our friendly, always available team. Whatever issue you face with our essay writing service, we will make sure that you receive a legit solution.

Flawless, Stringent Editing Method

Before the papers are submitted to you, we make sure that you get the best possible essay that has already undergone layers of stringent editing checks. We make sure that you get the finest quality factually and grammatically complemented by originality.


Essay writing & student tips

1Plan your W’s before starting out
2Create Excitement
3Personal Consensus
4Vocabulary suiting the occasion
5Proofread it thrice
6Correct grammar
7Maintain the flow
8This is Test
9Make an outline
10Understand the argument and critically analyze the evidence
11Know how to write a proper conclusion
12Periods (Almost) Always Go After the Parenthesis
13Include In-text or Parenthetical Citations When Paraphrasing
14Be Consistent with Your Citation Style
15All In-text and Parenthetical Citations Should Correspond with a Reference List Entry
16Cite Properly, Not in Excess

Professional, experienced and proficient editors

Professional, experienced and proficient editors

Order your college paper by professional writers at just 19.99$/

*No Hidden Cost!

Confidential and original

  1. We have been doing this long enough to understand that in writing, an original idea is worth more than anything. We perform numerous critical checks to ensure that you get the best quality essays.

  2. We only accept full payment once you have approved the paper. This means you can let us know if you are unhappy with the essay and we will make the changes as needed.

  3. Every word we write for you will be 100% original. We are highly adept at online and offline research and understand how to portray information in a unique manner and still derive a substantial conclusion.

Professional, experienced and proficient editors

You don’t have to be a writer to value editing. No book, no research paper, no textbook, no essay, no newspaper has ever hit the market without sufficient editing. It’s not just about grammar but also about facts and originality in ideas. When writing, people often follow their train of thought and forget about punctuation while focusing on the core idea. Putting these ideas together in a coherent manner is what editing helps with.

It is always wise to never accept grammatical or factual errors and ensure that your writing style is easily understood or your claims and argument may fall on deaf ears.

Revising your academic works  

Students already have bulk essays and assignments to write and revising just adds to the task. Editing and revising takes a lot of time and efforts since you have to double check every fact you stated and make sure that the grammar is accurate. Moreover, you need to be a highly proficient English writer before you sit down to tighten your own essay and turn it into an accolades winning engine.   

But a lot of students aren’t born writers. This is where Make My Grades enters the picture. You can hire our editors to read, revise and edit your essays and ensure that they remain highly substantial, high-quality and plagiarism free.

While you can also edit your essays online too, the tools may not always be so accurate. Artificial intelligence may not be as reliable as human intelligence when it comes to editing. This is why, we recommend students to hire professional editors and make sure that every sentence in their essay is tuned to perfection.

How can you edit your essay?

Just in case you have been wondering how to edit your essay to perfection, you are at the right place. Don’t worry about a thing and we will do it for you. We offer complete personal assistance regarding all aspects of editing.


MakeMyGrades- The best editor your essays need

You will find plenty of editors online and offline but there’s something we offer that most others don’t.  

We are highly specialised in handling editing of academic material and know what kind of writing makes the most impact. We have a huge team of writers and editors who reread and reexamine the essays and make necessary changes.

Our unique essay editing team has been made selecting the best editors and we don’t just edit your content for submission and approval but also for innovation and intelligence.

Here’s what you get through our editing services:

  1. High-quality editing focused on plagiarism detection, grammar and factual accuracy

  2. Thorough check for plagiarism and writing style (we make sure that the essays adhere to the instructions laid out be the academic authority)

  3. 24x7 support

  4. Infinite rewrites

  5. A team of native speakers working on your essays

We edit all sorts of written material starting from lab reports to term papers. And, you don’t even have to sign up on our website to place an order.

We promise that our editing will fix all of your academic issues

A lot of students don’t realize that only execution of ideas into an academic paper is not enough. It must be meticulous and free of any errors.

In fact, things other than grammatical accuracy and factual correction matter in academic circles. For example, redundancy can really reduce the true value of your writing and mess your grades.

At Make My Grades, we will polish your work to perfection and make sure that you get the best grades with best writing.


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