Tips for Writing a Good Essay


Let’s just Google the definition of Essay, one will come up with “A short piece of writing on a particular subject”. But is this condition valid for a good essay too?

Obviously No. So, let’s discuss a few tips for writing a good essay.

  1. Plan your W’s before starting out: Address the questions that your target audience might want to ask. Include all the 5 W’s- what, why, who, when and where. Coherence is most important to write a good piece.
  2. Create Excitement: A few mind-blowing facts and statements work awesome. Make your introduction intriguing so that the readers are forced to read the rest of your essay.
  3. Personal Consensus: A good research makes a good read. Research over the topics covered in your essay before writing your article. An abstract idea beforehand is truly helpful in developing a good content.
  4. Vocabulary: Decide the target audience before planning your piece. This way, you’ll be headed towards developing a content that is not resistive, rather it would be aligned with the thoughts of your reader.
  5. Proofreading: The spelling errors makes your essay less attractive even if the communication flows end to end.
  6. Grammar: Refer to a few sources if you don’t know how to knit your essay.
  7. Maintain the flow: Your piece is a masterpiece if every aspect is connected to every other aspect. The more you maintain the connectivity, the better it is.

Things to avoid:

  1. Leaving evidence based study: Unless and until your essay is not an abstract theory, evidence based study is helpful to make it more authentic.
  2. Trying to complete your essay in one stretch: A stressful mind is hindrance for your writing. Take regular breaks in between.

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